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Redondo Beach Educational Foundation

Contact: Robin Garfield
Work 3401 Inglewood Ave Redondo Beach California 90278 Home Phone: 310-954-2004 Website: Redondo Beach Educational Foundation


The Redondo Beach Educational Foundation (RBEF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire our community to invest in Redondo Beach public schools so that every student can develop knowledge and skills that go beyond what public funding alone would achieve.

Established in 1991 by a group of concerned parents and community leaders who realized that an excellent school system could not rely on state funding alone, RBEF raises money through its annual investor drive, business partnerships and special events.  We believe the best opportunities come from raising the most well-rounded children, and we support whole child development.

RBEF funds programs in:

Detailed information on how RBEF supports the District can be found here.


We are  the families of children that will run the cities, the businesses, and the world one day. We are honored to provide them with the best, most creative, and well-rounded education.

We are – the community surrounding our children. We know that when children thrive, the community prospers. 

We are – the organization here to provide vital support to our children, so they can reach their fullest potential. 


After all, while it may be our hopes we are trying to fulfill in our children, it is truly their dreams RBEF seeks to fulfill. 

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3401 Inglewood Ave Redondo Beach California 90278